Vancouver man tied up while intruders steal medical marijuana

Police are searching for 2 guys who required their way into a couple's Vancouver home early Monday morning, bound a guy with cable television ties, and stole some medical marijuana, police authorities said.

The guys entered into your home near 93rd Avenue and Burton Road around 1 a.m. Monday while the couple was asleep.

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Why pharmacists ought to be giving medical cannabis

Expect you take 3 medications for three different conditions. Now, add medical cannabis. Wouldn’t you need to know possible threats and interactions?

That’s why the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) just recently suggested that pharmacists play a front-line role in patient management Mercury MMJ and dispensing of medical marijuana.

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NC costs seeks legalization of medical cannabis

North Carolina lawmakers are back at it again aiming to legalize cannabis for medicinal functions. This would be the 2nd step North Carolina has actually made into utilizing the marijuana plant for medical factors.

In 2014, Governor Pat McCrory signed into law an act that legalized CBD oil to alleviate epilepsy.

The step was then broadened upon last year, however consisted of a sunset provision ending the program in 2021 if studies cannot reveal the oil is effective.

Representatives state it s time for North Carolina to get medical marijuana out to clients.

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