Why pharmacists ought to be giving medical cannabis

More patients are choosing medical marijuana as a treatment. For many patients, medical cannabis is a third or 4th line treatment, and these clients are typically on a number of other medications.

As an association, our decision to upgrade our policy position was not ignored. We continue to be worried with the lack of robust clinical proof had to establish suitable restorative guidelines for medical marijuana and to completely incorporate it into existing drug schedules.

We represent thousands of pharmacists across Canada all playing a critical function in the health and wellness of Canadians. CPhA s decision is about safety and reacting to the need for proper oversight by health care specialists. CPhA consulted its membership and Canadians, and commissioned independent third party research on how finest to boost patient safety with respect to medical cannabis.

We followed the developing political and social landscape, and the pressures associated with the space between legal accesses to medical marijuana and prohibited unregulated access. All roadways pointed in the very same instructions, leading CPhA to decide on the issue and respond properly to the evolving needs of Canadians.

In a national survey by Abacus Data, 73 per cent of Canadians surveyed agreed that medical marijuana must be treated like other medicines and available just through a drug store; and 77 percent agreed that patient safety and oversight would enhance if medical cannabis was available through a pharmacy.

Furthermore, it has actually been reported that only 8 per cent of Canadians utilizing cannabis for medical functions get it through legal channels. This suggests the majority of those using medical cannabis are either growing it in your home or, most likely, acquiring it from illegal market, where quality and safety measures are unclear. We are deeply concerned about the expansion of these so-called medical cannabis dispensaries that are illegally supplying healthcare guidance to countless Canadians this cannot be allowed to continue.

As professionals in medication management, pharmacists have a huge network of existing facilities. We deal with controlled substances everyday and have a shown ability to secure the supply chain ensuring the safety and security of the items we give.

We’re acutely familiar with the unexpected effects of medication, potential damages inherent with this product and others that Canadians might be utilizing as part of their drug therapy regime.

We supply an objective point of view and act in the very best interest of clients. We work as their most available point of contact with the healthcare system before and after they’ve met with their physicians.

Equipped to ask and address questions, we are natural partners in a patient-focused framework for giving and handling medical cannabis. The participation of pharmacy allows the government and health care professional to better comprehend and gather evidence on the scientific efficiency of medical marijuana which is important to informing the advancement of clinical standards and refining Canada’s longer-term medical marijuana policy.

It is vital that recommended restorative items, presenting the possibility of drug interaction and other dangers, are handled by regulated specialists. Patient safety should be the main consideration and, as such, pharmacists need to play a front-line function in making sure the safe and reliable use of medical cannabis.